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Supported Potent Booster Car Model List SingaporePotent Booster Singapore supplies Electronic Throttle Accelerator Controller eliminates the delay in electronic throttle response time for modern cars. Owners will experience the sluggish acceleration response when the accelerator pedal kicked also known as “throttle hysteresis”.

This such delayed effect can be even frustrating especially during overtaking; not to mention when the car about to go uphill terrain where quick gear downshifts required to push up the RPM to give the car extra power! Well, these are the common issues present in a modern car including luxury cars or sports cars.

Potent Booster Singapore would like to bring the good tidings to car owners in South East Asia! Car Owners can now rediscover the fun of driving your car again with a very much responsive throttle. Besides the device also provides a quick gear downshift during overtaking! Potent Booster is a tiny device plug onto the electronic throttle body. This plug and play device will intercept and remap the electronic signal to the throttle controller. The mapping is done automatically according to the accelerator travel where you get the improve throttle response rate.

Potent Booster also known as electronic accelerator control device not only solve the electronic throttle sluggish issue but also improves the low gear shifting lethargy or jerkiness.You will experience an extremely evident back- pushing effect when you step on your accelerator immediately after installing Potent Booster device. You will love driving your car with lots of super responsive overtaking! However, you have the option to choose between various modes such as fuel economy mode. This mode is useful when you’re cruising on the expressway where you will save up to 15% on fuel consumption.

When comes to installation, you need no professional other than yourself. Installation is easy and you will be able to install the device within 5-10 minutes. Besides, there will be no mess of wires cutting with a just simple plug-and-play device and is fully reversible without a trace. This Accelerator Controller device needs to be connected inline with the Accelerator Pedal and the signal wire sent to ECM. For the LED screen model, you need to connect the screen cable to the Potent Booster body. Best of all, there is no external power cable required to be connected to the battery terminal or a fuse.

In addition, the set comes with a pictorial installation guide in English manual. For more inquiries, you refer to Potent Booster FAQ for further clarifications.

Refer to the video for the Dyno Test results before and after installing this device.


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Potent Booster Singapore: Electronic Throttle Accelerator

Model Responsiveness Modes & Level
 Most Responsive 8 Drive Throttle ControllerPotent Booster Singapore - 9 Drive Throttle Controller | Asia Car Accelerator Specialist  60%-70% increase in car acceleration
  1. Comfort mode (F1)
  2. Sports mode (F2)
  3. Racing mode (F3)
  4. Normal Mode (NOR)
  5. Fuel Saver Mode (EC)
  6. AT Gear Mode (AAA)
  7. Manual Gear Mode (HHH)

Note: There are 9 adjustable levels in each mode except normal model

  • All items are 100% factory QC tested for peace of mind.
  • Potent Booster Singapore provides 2 years limited local warranty against any product defects under normal usage.

Points to Note:
i) There are intensity level settings from 1 – 9 in each mode where level 9 is more aggressive than level 1, except for Eco mode, for which the reverse is true.
ii) Eco mode lengthens the ECU response time and thus resulting in a super smooth throttle response; non-surge acceleration from the engine, albeit, not in sync.

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