Headlight Bulb Type Guide Singapore

Are you having a hard time figuring out what type of bulb required on your vehicle? Fret not, here is the Headlight Bulb Type Guide Singapore List for the most common car models available here. There are many different types of bulbs available in the markets. To add salt to the injury, a different car makes and year uses a different type of bulb. Therefore, should you need to replace your faulty headlight or fog light bulb, you need to know the exact bulb type before replacement. 


Once you get the right bulb information, the rest of the processes are just the mundane tasks of bulb swapping. Although it can be DIY, if you’re not the typical DIY guy, it’s advisable to seek professional help. Notably, some headlight assembly has ample space for direct bulb replacement under the hood. However, some car model has no room for the hand to squeeze through the crammed space for bulb replacement. Hence, for such scenario, the replacement of bulb need the headlamp assembly to be removed.


You may click on the respective car makes in the table below to determine the bulb type used on the respective model and year made. The automotive replacement bulb chart is for general information and guides only. Therefore, we are not responsible for any mistake that might be listed on this bulb usage guide. On contrary, the actual bulb type used on your vehicle might vary due to various reasons such as after-market modification by previous owners, etc.  If in doubt, please consult your vehicle owner’s manual or your local car workshop for the actual bulb type fitted on your vehicle.


We are currently in the midst of consolidating our databases of car model and will be updating our list soon.

Headlight Bulb Type Guide Singapore By Car Makes