White 4pcs Mercedes-Benz GLC Animated Moving LED Car Door Scuff Plates Protector Singapore

Mercedes-Benz Animated Moving LED Car Door Scuff Sill


Looking for cool Mercedes-Benz Animated Moving LED Car Door Sill for your car? Check out this super modern door scuff plate customized for your ride now!



Are you seeking a more excited door sill to overlay or replace your existing Mercedes-Benz boring sill? You will find this modern Animated Moving LED Car Door Sill complements your ride perfectly! Besides adding a character to your car, the wonderful animated lighting will never fail to impress your passengers including yourself! 

While you may find many other sellers offer only front 2 pieces. We beg to differ as we offer the complete set of 4 pieces containing 2x front and 2x rear sills for the most common Benz car model. On the other hand, we rate the installation as “fair” for the DIY enthusiast who has basic electrical knowledge. You can tap the power from the dome light to power up this Animated Moving LED Car Door Sill on the 4 door sills. Alternatively, you can also run a live wire to your interior light fuse in the fuse box. However, if you need help on the installation, we can recommend a reliable car accessories workshop in Singapore and Malaysia. 

Check out the demo video below for the after installation running effects. 

Mercedes-Benz Animated Moving LED Car Door Sill

  • Fair to install; come with pre-affixed double-sided tapes beneath its base and wiretapper device
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Material: Imported Acrylic from Japan
  • Dimension: Refer to the individual product’s description
  • Design Available: Mercedes-Benz (CLA), Mercedes-Benz (C-Class), Mercedes-Benz (E-Class), Mercedes-Benz (GLC)
  • Colour Available: White | Red | Blue

We are in the midst of building up our inventory list. Do drop us an enquiry if the model you’re looking for does not appear in our list. We will prioritize in getting them into our list. 

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Weight 1500 g

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