T10 Ultra-Bright Error-free 57SMD CANBUS LED Bulb Singapore - White

T10 Ultra-Bright Error-free 57SMD CANBUS LED Bulb


Sick of your old dim halogen light bulb? Check out this item that will transform the look and feel of your ride instantly!



Universal T10 Ultra-Bright Error-free 57SMD CANBUS LED Bulb is designed to replace the stock or halogen bulb in any vehicle having 12v or 24v voltage source. Besides, it has built-in CANBUS which will not throw any warning error on the console. Many car owners prefer the LED bulb over halogen because the LED bulbs look modern and emit brighter light despite drawing lesser current. Best of all, the LED also lasts longer and more durable compare to the old-school halogen bulb.

The replacement is simple by just remove the existing halogen bulb from its socket and re-insert the LED bulb. During installation, please note that the LED bulb has polarity. In case it doesn’t light up, just reverse the bulb side and it should light up!

In the event that you require uni-directional or bi-directional lighting, we have T10 6 SMD or 12 SMD flat bar LED strip for you. Such application is ideal for glove-box, number plate lighting, trunk light, reading or map light etc.

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T10 Ultra-Bright Error-free 57SMD CANBUS LED Bulb Details

  • Condition: Brand New
  • Application: Rear license plate, pole light, reverse light, interior light, map light, dome light, cargo/trunk light, parking light etc
  • Aluminum heat sinks for more effective heat dissipation
  • 3x brighter compared to other popular 5050 SMD LED
  • CANBUS with load resistors for error-free light warning on Continental cars
  • Colour: Crystal HID White (6000K – 6500K)
  • Colour: White | Ice-Blue | Deep-Blue
  • Input Voltage Source: 12V-24V
  • Dimension: 34mm x 11.5mm
  • A set of 2 pcs
  • Life: 50k – 100k hours
  • Installation: DIY Installation

Additional information

Weight 15 g

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