Ultra Bright 9012 All-in-One LED Headlamp Bulb Singapore

Ultra Bright 9012 All-in-One LED Headlamp Bulb




This Ultra Bright 9012 All-in-One LED Headlamp Bulb will transform your old school dimmed yellowish headlight instantly. In addition, the bright LED ray will match the latest continental cars. The light ray will penetrate further and throw wider than any halogen or HID lights.

Defying the traditions, there will be no bulky ballast or LED driver attaching to the bulb. In fact, the ballast, LED driver and turbo cooling fan are built into its rear body. Though it emits 6000K white daylight colour which is brighter than HID but is 4 times cooler than HID Bulb. No doubt, this all-in-one bulb has been dubbed as HID light killer.

On the other hand, the bulb is not only moisture-proofed but water-proofed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The LED bulb cleverly enclaves within aviation aluminum body with heat sink fin to promote efficient heat dissipation. In addition, the built-in turbofan keeps the LED bulb cooler and last longer. Lastly, this set is often fitted on headlamp on newer motorbikes, cars or vans.

Therefore, for HID light owners who are looking to protect your headlamp jewel case from turning yellowish prematurely cause by the intense heat, this is your answer!

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Ultra Bright 9012 All-in-One LED Headlamp Bulb

  • 1 Set containing 2 pcs
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Temperature: 6500K
  • Light Colour: Daylight White
  • Power Consumption: 36W/piece
  • Luminous Flux (Brightness): 8000lm
  • Installation: Plug & Play. Commonly used as Headlamp Low Beam and Foglamp
  • Compatible: 9012
  • Waterproofing: IP68
  • Life Expectancy: 30,000 hrs
  • Warranty: 2 months against any manufacturer’s defect
Set A: (N.A)
Super Bright Set
Colour temperature: 6000K
Brightness: 7600lm
Warranty: 7 days 1-to-1 exchange
Set B:
Ultra-bright Set (CANBUS Error-free)
Colour temperature: 6500K
Brightness: 8000lm
Warranty: 2 months 1-to-1 exchange


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Weight 300 g

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