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Limousine Services MY SG | Swan-Bargains Limo Services At Swan-Bargains Limo Services, we provide chauffeur limousine services enabling you and your loved ones travel in style, convenience and comfort. We transfer from door to door where it saves you hassles taking public transports, carrying your luggage and queue at the passenger clearance at the checkpoints.

We pride ourselves as specialist in cross-border limousine transfer operator between Singapore and any part of west Malaysia. Should you need English, Chinese, Malay or Tamil speaking drivers, we have them all to ensure that you will not be lost in communication in the foreign land. We understand the expectation of attending a meeting or going on holiday means. We serve with our sincerity and ensuring your goals are met.

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Our spacious and clean luxury limousines fleet together with our experienced professional drivers will ensure that you have an enjoyable, safe and pleasant journey. We also ensure that you arrive at your destination on time, every time. We have various types of vehicles within our stable to cater to your requirements and budget. They range from a 4-seater sedan, executive sedan, Multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) offering 6 seater and to 11-seater large MPV limousine. We also provide professional long-term charter services for both regular bookings for corporate and private arrangement.

Whether your trip is for business or family trip, you can rely on us for a pleasant trip. We are at your service for a single trip or a round trip. Feel free to email us at for customization of travel itinerary tailor-made to your specific requirement and budget.

Check out the list of destinations in Malaysia currently covered by us. Do send us your enquiry to and we shall respond soonest!

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